Pakistan Partnership Initiative

April 16, 2020

Administering tests to the most vulnerable

Administering tests to the most vulnerable

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A typical monthly food pack

Delivering much-needed supplies in Pakistan

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In Pakistan, people are more afraid of dying from hunger than catching COVID-19.

Hunger rather than COVID-19 is the greatest fear for many Pakistanis, most of whom live on less than $1.90 a day. Most Pakistanis are used to just eating traditionally two meals a day. With shops and businesses shutting down due to the virus outbreak, many Pakistanis are fearing how they’re going to feed their families. So in addition to their normal work, our partners in Pakistan are raising funds to provide food packages for Pakistani families. For $30 they can provide a Pakistani family with a month’s worth of food essentials: oil, rice, and canned goods.

Across Pakistan, Christians are choosing to eat only one meal a day, giving their second meal to a neighbor or friend who would have otherwise gone hungry.

Not only that, but 50% of the donations our partners are receiving are from local Pakistani Christians wanting to support and give what little they have to hurting communities.

In the video below you can see thousands of people rushing to one of our partner’s distribution points. For the first time, the Pakistani government has started reaching out to Christian aid groups and organizations within their country to provide relief. And as you can tell from the crowds packing close together, hunger trumps any fear of COVID-19. To one side of the crowd, you can hear the local authorities speaking on a loudspeaker encouraging people to keep appropriate social distance and stay at home if possible.

Fear is a common emotion many of us are currently facing due to COVID-19. For those across the greater Middle East who live day to day on traditional trade jobs, this virus has meant empty wallets and empty stomachs. Please pray for our partners who have been asked by the government of Pakistan to give out food packets to communities. Please also pray for Pakistani Christians for continued faith and endurance as they step out in faith and bless their friends and neighbors with their extra food.

If you would like to buy a food packet for a Pakistani family, click below, $30 can provide an entire month of food for a family.