An Iranian’s answered prayer

April 16, 2020

Ardashir’s 10-year-old son was sick with COVID-19 and started running a very high fever.

Driving through wall to wall traffic in Iran’s capital city, Ardashir and his wife began praying to God. Ardashir couldn’t remember the last time he’d prayed, a busy factory owner he spent his days rushing between business meetings and his office. He didn’t have time for God. He grew up in a Muslim home, but in name only, they only celebrated Ramadan because of their extended family’s comments if they didn’t. 

When they arrived at the hospital, Ardashir and his wife were told they couldn’t stay with their son. “No we must stay,” Ardashir said, but authorities forced them home. For two days, Ardashir wondered what to do, he couldn’t sleep, he couldn’t eat worrying about his son. His wife wasn’t much better, she spent most of the days crying and evenings tossing and turning. They weren’t letting them see or visit their son. In desperation, Ardashir called our partners at Mohabat TV at three a.m.


“I’ve tried everything,” he begged the counselor. “Please pray to Jesus; He’s my last hope.”


Ardashir sat silently on his bed, tears streaming down his face as the counselor prayed. How could the words of humans matter to God? Was God even listening?

The next morning his wife called our partners from the hospital, the could hardly understand her she was speaking so fast, “They let us see our son!” she exclaimed. “He’s doing better, his fever is broken and they think he can come home in a few days.” That day the entire family gave their lives to Jesus.


Please pray for Ardashir and Mohabat TV’s mission

  • Pray for grace and energy for our partners’ teams and pastors.
  • Pray that through this time of desperation God would lead many to salvation in Him.
  • Pray for God’s provision. Our partners are getting more calls than ever for Bibles and need the funds to ship them into Iran.

Your support of the MENA Collective helps provide vital funds for our ministry partners like Mohabat TV and their efforts to support those struggling with COVID-19.


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